Tinos throughout the year

Like most of the Cycladic Islands, Tinos has a pleasant climate with sunshine throughout the year.

Spring represents the peak of beauty in Cyclades, full of flowers and aromas along with magnificent scenery. Love is in the air, so it is an ideal time to visit us and enjoy the particular silence and beauty of the island. As it is warm enough but not too hot, the weather is ideal for trekking and you can attempt your first swim in the sea, or attend gastronomy courses, visit cheese making farms or even attend a Yoga class by the pool in Diles & Rinies. Spring is also ideal for family reunions. Average temperatures are between 16-28 °C, days are long, whilst on average it is sunny for 27 days in a month.

Summer is rather hot and the north wind, blowing across the Aegean Sea (known as ‘Meltemi’ in Greek) offers a pleasant relief. Lowering the high temperatures, the ‘Meltemi’ makes the climate of Tinos particularly healthy, as it is associated with dry weather, clear skies, a drop in humidity, improved visibility and a rise in atmospheric pressure.

Autumn is warm and pleasant. Average temperatures vary from 16-28 °C, whilst on average it is sunny for 25 days in a month. This weather is ideal for athletic activities, village hopping, attending cultural events and still good for swimming. Grapes are ready to be harvested so take the chance to attend a wine tour or festival at one of the local wineries.

Winter on Tinos Island is mild; snow is very rare, the temperature almost never falls below freezing and sometimes there are gentle mists. Guests socialize in a warm atmosphere near the fireplace in a village tavern, together with other travelers, locals or photographers that visit the island during the winter. On average it is sunny for around 18 days in a month.