Thematic Holidays

Tinos is a beautiful Greek island that remains authentic, with long tradition in art, as homeland of great Greek sculptors and painters. More than 60 villages and 1500 orthodox and catholic chapels and churches with intense cultural activity are scattered all around the island, creating a real treasure worth discovering. Activities like swimming, diving, windsurfing, cruising, fishing, trekking, horseback riding, bicycling, bouldering, climbing, wine & beer tasting, cooking lessons and Greek lessons will keep you pleasantly busy whilst discovering the island. Tinos is also widely known for the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary, which is kept in the Church of Panagia Evagelistria in the town of the island. Situated in the heart of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, it’s easy to take daily excursions to the nearby islands; Mykonos, Syros, Paros, Andros, Koufonisi or Dilos, which is one of the most significant archaeological parks of Greece.

Village Hopping

Village hopping is a unique way to give visitors an insight into island life and culture. The traditional villages of Tinos Island (more than 60) along with the 1500 orthodox and catholic churches and chapels organize various cultural events during the year such as concerts, exhibitions, museum displays, art seminars (pottery, marble art, and basketry) and local festivals named as “Panigiria”, while homemade cuisine with its enchanting aromas and flavours can be tasted at the innumerable taverns and restaurants all over the island.


There are plenty of different sport activities one can do in Tinos.

Enjoy sunshine and swimming in the azure waters of the many sandy beaches found all around Tinos Island. Some beaches are organized with sun beds, umbrellas and a beach bar, whilst others are completely unspoiled.

Explore the deep secrets of the Aegean Sea. Diving centres with skilled staff and up-to-date equipment make a diving experience enjoyable for both certified divers and those who would like to try scuba diving for the first time.

Enjoy private luxury charters around the nearby Cyclades islands with super Rib and sailing boats.

Windsurfing is very popular in Tinos, especially in the impressive beach of "Kolybithres".

Get the know-how from local fishermen in the port and go fishing in one of the myriads of rocky coves. In a small shop in the town, you’ll find all fishing equipment you will need.

Horseback riding
Ride with us and fill your holiday with moments of pleasure and relaxation. Whether with your family, friends, or alone, experienced guides will propose you various routes and escort you to Tinos’ beauties, either in the island’s mainland or on the seaside. So, wear long pants and closed toe shoes and live an unforgettable experience!

Mount Exombourgo with its landscape, history, and morphology (granite) is an ideal area for climbers. From scrambling to vertical ascents there are various programmes organized by skilled experts.

If you are a fan of this kind of climbing on the low cliffs of up to 6m found especially in the regions of Volax, Kakia Skala and Livada Tinos can offer some of the best areas for bouldering in Europe.

Rent a bicycle and leisurely cycle around the island.


Tinos has one of the most extensive trail networks in the Cyclades which was originally created for the transfer of goods and people in the old days. Passing by ancient ruins, imposing and historic churches, and through streams, small waterfalls, oak and lemon tree groves, and wildflower meadows, Tinos footpaths connect more than 60 villages scattered across the island. Taking distance and difficulty into account, we can recommend you various routes. Trekking on Tinos is popular especially during autumn and spring, when the weather is very nice and not too hot.


The local production of quality goods, such as cheese, honey, vegetables, wine and beer, along with the creativity of local chefs, make Tinos island a gastronomic destination during the last years, with "Food Paths" being the most interesting event organized on the island every year. Cooking Lessons Our chef in Moonrise cuisine restaurant is more than pleased to show you how to cook different traditional Greek recipes at the comfort of your villa kitchen. Wine & Beer making & tasting Wine making and tasting experiences are organized in local wineries and in Diles & Rinies estate upon request. The island's brewery with its beer "NISSOS" the first Greek beer to be awarded at European level, is open for guided tours upon request in its old stone building, once a taverna.

The Beaches

Tinos has a coastline of more than 120kms and hosts some of the most beautiful seashores in Cyclades. Some of them are organized with beach bars, activities, taverns, sun beds and umbrellas, while others are completely unspoiled. There are beaches with calm waters even on windy days such as the popular and large “Agios Sostis” beach located on the south coast, just 3km away from Diles & Rinies. It is a sandy beach with shallow water, umbrellas to rent, sun beds and tamarisk trees. At the edge of the beach you can see the church of “Agios Sostis” which was built in the 19th century and is today one of the island's most romantic wedding churches. “Agios Fokas”, is the largest sandy beach on the island, 5 minutes by car or 20minute walk away from ‘Diles & Rinies’, organized in most of its parts with beach bars and nice taverns. Enjoy a relaxing swimming experience! 

Greek Lessons

During your stay on Tinos Island, you can start learning the ancient Greek language including the ancient Greek alphabet and basic vocabulary, so that you will be able to read simple ancient Greek texts and authentic passages written by Plato and Aristotle.


Let ouzo (an anise-flavoured aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece) travels your mind... ‘Ouzofication’ is when you gather together some new friends to drink ouzo in the Diles & Rinies pool area and talk laugh and enjoy the view.

We are grateful to our dear guest Thierry, who inspired the word and ever since ‘ouzofication’ has become a habit in Diles & Rinies!