Easter holidays on Tinos Island: A memorable spring escape

Beyond religions and personal beliefs, Easter holidays are a season of exceptional natural beauty to visit Greece. There is one more reason to visit particularly Tinos Island, in the paradise of the Aegean Sea. As home of the famous church of Virgin Mary, one of the most significant Orthodox shrines, the island offers a particularly warm atmosphere for a quite relaxing holiday experience.

During this period of time, the weather is pretty nice, not too hot and the island’s landscape is completely different, awakening all your senses… You will admire the contrast of green hillsides and the colorful wildflowers of yellow, red, coral and purple to the endless blue of the sea. As you go trekking in the extensive network of footpaths, passing by ancient ruins, imposing and historic churches, and through streams, oak and lemon tree groves, you listen to relaxing sounds of newborn animals, birds, soft wind and waterfalls, while the fine aromas of Spring travels you in history.

And you will feel your soul relieved as you attend or just observe the main church ceremonies and customs leading up to Easter. There is something magical about this…

Just to mention the candle lighting ceremony (resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ) which begins at 11pm on Saturday night before Easter Sunday. People hold candles, most of them decorated by flowers, ribbons, or small gifts. There is a tradition that children receive every year their Easter candle (the “labada”) from their godfather or godmother. As you see all those candles lit by the holy flame, you feel deeply joy and hope.  The ceremony ends after midnight, when all the candles held by the people are lit by the holy flame. Then is the moment to taste the traditional Easter dinner in one of the many good taverns and restaurants in a joyful mood, surrounded by smiling faces and experience the game of cracking or “tsougrisma” of red easter eggs. Easter Sunday follows in festive atmosphere, full of music and more wine and food… Easter holidays on Tinos Island is a memorable spring escape. Preparations in Diles & Rinies Villas are in progress… Colorful handmade “labades” are ready for Easter guests.

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