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The Top 5 Activities in Tinos and the nearby islands by Diles & Rinies Estate!

BY: Press Office | PUBLISHED:

The Top 5 Activities in Tinos and the ne...

We present you with the top 5 activities to do in order to experience the complete splendor of the Tinos island and the Aegean Sea islands, while staying in Diles & Rinies!

There are so many things to do while vacationing in the island of Tinos and staying in your Diles & Rinies luxurious villa but today we came back with the top 5 activities to do in order to experience the complete splendour of the Tinos island and the Aegean Sea islands! Embark on this little journey that will take you all across the island of Tinos and the nearby islands, like Mykonos, through our top 5 activities in Tinos island list!

  • Discovering the Town of Tinos. The main village of Tinos, called Chora, is definitely one of the places where you will spend a few hours not only to admire the stunning church, a religious destination for all Orthodox people around the world, but also to visit the museums, have a coffee and lunch and enjoy a stroll to the picturesque alleys of Chora! As for the distance from Diles & Rinies Estate, you will be delighted to find out that is only 3 km. away and you can visit the Town as often as you wish!
  • Enjoying Tinos’s hinterland. Lets’ take a step out from our holidays comfort zone and discover the island through hiking, a guided coach tour or a jeep! The villages, the valleys and the beaches unfold the island’s beauty at every stop! If you just ask the people of Diles & Rinies Estate, we will be glad to provide all the information on car rentals and guided tours around the island!
  • A short trip to Andros. Let’s say that you want to visit more islands; then let’s start with Andros! In less than two hours, you will be at the island with the mansions and the important museums, like the Modern Art Museum, to see a peaceful yet lovely island of the Cyclades complex.
  • A full day to Mykonos. Probably you will need some night hours as well to experience the whole Mykonos way of living. Ask the people of Diles & Rinies to organize a cruise trip to Mykonos and then indulge into the beautiful capital of the island, swim at some of the beaches and have drinks at the vibrant bars of the Town! You will be back in Tinos with so many memorable feelings and experiences.
  • A visit to Delos. This is the small island that you are looking at from your villa in Diles & Rinies. The birth place of the God Apollo is among the most important archaeological sites in the world! A trip to Delos (it will take approximately 4 hours) is among the activities that you must do. Walk through the ruins of different eras (classical Greek to Roman) and admire the beauty while the sunrays are following every step you take on this sacred island! You know that there is more, but the top 5 activities in Tinos and nearby islands short list has it all! Do not hesitate to contact us before or while staying with us to arrange all the details!