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Here you are! 
You have finally made it to paradise. 
Tune in with the elements that surround you the earth, the sea breeze, the summer heat, the water 
Pure organic products of excellent quality and utmost skillful hands, will assist you on this personal journey of peace, beauty, healing and relaxation   
You can choose from:           

Healing Massages   

Body treatments   





Or we can design together your custom made “Truly me Wellbeing Program”   
No greater joy than seeing your own radiance shine out!

          MASSAGES MENU  
SWEDISH AROMA   60’ € 100 | 90’ €140 
Utilizing long, fluid strokes and the purest essential oils chosen upon your needs, this classic massage relieves muscle tension and improves circulation. It will gently guide you to relax and release stress.     
MAGICAL HOLISTIC MASSAGE  60’ €120 | 90’ €165 
This unique massage will incorporate intuitively a variety of techniques along with energy work, offering you the massage you were longing for. Expect long strokes alternating with deep tissue, mild mobilizations and reflex points, but also breath guidance and valuable healing pauses. A memorable and true healing massage experience.     
DEEP TISSUE             60’ €110 |   90’ €155 
Deeply therapeutic, this custom massage targets chronic tension. Using a variety of techniques, your therapist helps bring relief to areas of pain and stiffness.     
THAI MASSAGE       60’ €120   |   90’ €165 
Thai massage is a deeply healing massage with astonishing results that last. It requires skillful hands and a meditative calm atmosphere created by the therapist. For some, it has a reputation of painful massage which is far from being true. Deep pressures along with mild stretches and limb mobilizations, orchestrated with rhythm and awareness, will restore the flow of your vital energy leaving you recharged and renewed. Note: It is performed on a mattress on the floor on a fully clothed body. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.       
REFLEXOLOGY     60’ €100 
Reflexology is a valuable therapeutic technique which enhances the self-healing ability of the human body. It has profound therapeutic results alleviating pain and discomfort. It’s a form of deep massage mainly at the soles of the feet and hands, but also other areas of the body used as reflex points.      
This massage uses a lot of oil, warm or lukewarm and starts with an Indian head massage. Soon proceeds to a full body unique experience as the strokes get long and vigorous, from tip to toe and back. It also involves limb mobilizations and stretches. Improves blood circulation, stimulates internal organs, helps the elimination of impurities, nurtures the skin, clears the mind and can affect deeply the sentimental level. 
HEAD MASSAGE (neck & shoulders) 40’   €70 
An ideal choice for those holding tension in the upper part of the body. The massage will cover the head, face, neck, shoulders and arms. Laurel oil will nurture and revive your hair while the essential oils of rosemary and cedar wood will clear and calm the mind.     
Lymphatic massage is a valuable massage for the human body. It boosts immunity while helping the organism to flush out more effectively the waste products. Ideal choice for edema, "heavy legs", fatigue and weakness, swollen limbs, slimming efforts and an overall sense of lightness, health and rejuvenation. The pressure of this massage is light and soft.
Personal Care 

Manicures/pedicures and hairdressing services, all provided on request.

As it is an outdoor SPA, Wellness kiosk please note that it operates only during the summer period

 Please check reception availabilities and operation hours